The time change had us arriving on the next day after we left,  about 2:30 after a 14 hour flight.  When we landed and got our bags, we passed through Beijing Passport Control after a 30-minute wait in line and zipped through Customs at walking speed.   Our Hilton Wangfujing hotel driver was waiting outside Customs with one of what seemed like hundreds of name signs.  It was great to have someone standing there holding up a piece of paper with my name on it.  The fellow (turned out not to be the driver – this “greeting” guy spoke some English) escorted us to a waiting car and off we went.  The driver did not speak any English but presumably knew where he was going so we didn’t worry.  The Hilton Hotel turned out to be not exactly on Wangfujing Street so we’re glad we decided on the hotel car.

Almost an hour later, we arrived at the Beijing Hilton Wangfujing and were greeted by a nice young lady who paid off the driver, saw to our luggage unloading and took us to the Executive Lounge on the 16th floor for an orientation.  After coffee and tea we were taken to our room, which turned out to be gorgeous – an upgrade due to my Hilton Diamond Member status.

Very spacious room, with a HUGE walk-in closet.  The sink in the bathroom was a little different in that there was not a wall separating that area from the bedroom area.  There were sliding doors you could close if you wanted but we never did.  Huge bathtub, separate shower and throne room and, wonderfully, two double beds.

After washing off the grit from our flight we made our way back to the Executive Lounge for a nice dinner.  Wasn’t long after we were snoring away.  Slept fairly well considering the jet lag – 12-hour difference in time – and considering that the Sound Machine didn’t work plugged into the adaptor and transformer.  Fortunately, DH had brought batteries for something else, so we got it to work.  Can’t sleep in a noisy hotel without my Sound Machine!  Whew!