Hello Wonderful World!

Chapels from L to R: Trinity, Three Patriarchs, St Cyprian, Intercession, Bishop Gregory, Entry into Jerusalem

St Basil, Moscow

My name is Elizabeth and I’m an avid world traveler and amateur photographer. I’m also a wife, mom and grandmother.   Before I retired, I was a technology executive, living in a left-brained world, too busy to travel much between the demands of job and family.  After I retired, I still put off extensive travel with the excuse of “next year”, always finding things got in the way of my wanderlust dreams.  But then I got a major knock on the head when my doctor announced, “You have Breast Cancer.”  After chemo, radiation and surgery, I ceased to put off all those trips I had been postponing.  I had suddenly developed an urge to see the world, and see it now.  No more putting off a trip until next spring, next fall, or after another grandchild was born.  For some reason (although my brain certainly knew better), I had been blissfully living life as if I had all the time in the world – now I knew I didn’t.

Chartres, France

Chartres, France

So please join me in our adventurous travels as we joyously explore this marvelous world through words and pictures.  I hope that you will find Travels with Elizabeth both fun and informative.

When I’m not traveling, preparing to travel, or recovering from travel, I’m a fiber artist, interpreting my travel pictures in fabric and thread.  Please visit my fiber blog, Quilt with Elizabeth.