After final packing and breakfast once again in the Lounge (my last croissants), we departed the hotel uneventfully.  The hotel bill was HK $83 for DH’s one beer around the pool, plus HK $3,500 for the hotel itself.  No traffic this morning and the taxi sped right along.  Got to the airport in about 40 minutes – it IS a long way to the airport.  Can’t imagine what you’d be facing if there were heavy traffic – it would take you hours.

We got all checked in and went to the very nice, but very crowded, United Lounge.  We could have had a complete breakfast there – there was a huge spread.

It was a very full flight – glad we’re boarding first in Business Class.  Our seats were in the very first row on the right side of the plane – 1J and 1K.  They turned out to be great seats, as there was an extra shelf over the bulkhead, which let us stow our blankets and pillows.  We had a nice lunch – started off with great smoked halibut, then salad, then an overdone but tender steak, and finally ice cream for dessert.

DH then drifted off to sleep – woke himself up with his own snoring.  Then he watched several movies; Die Hard, Girl With a Dragon Tattoo (which he’d already seen) and Olympus Has Fallen, about Koreans taking over the White House.  He dozed a bit between movies.  I had a hard time getting comfortable and going to sleep, despite my sleeping pills.  But once I did, I slept for 6 hours!  This Business Class and lie-flat-seats makes a huge difference!

Since I had not been able to buy my fake Rolex anywhere in China, I decided that I would buy a watch from the Duty Free onboard store.  I paid $125 US.  Hope Burkes Jewelers can take out quite a few of the links, as the bracelet part is way too big for my wrist.

The weather was clear in Newark – landed fine.  Since we were some of the first people off the plane, we whizzed through immigration.  DH’s bag came right away, but we had to wait on mine.  That made us a little behind in clearing customs.  Then we went to check-in for our flight to Richmond, only to find out from a very nice United check-in attendant (who was a former Marine) that we were in the wrong terminal.   He walked us to the little train that takes you from terminal C where we landed to terminal A where we catch our flight to Richmond.  Unfortunately, we had to go through another security line that was not only long, but also very strict.  However, because of DH’s advanced age, we didn’t have to take off our shoes.

After we found the United Club near our gate, we settled in for a 2 ½ hour wait.  This United Club was fairly skimpy, and hot.  This is only a United Express terminal, which might explain the Spartan accommodations.

The plane was delayed from 5:10 to 5:50, so more time to wait.  It was about 6:30 when we finally took off.  Good news is that the flight is only 55 minutes.  Got our bags in Richmond and took the Hilton shuttle to go to the Homewood Suites.  After a slight detour to Roma’s Italian Restaurant for some airline ladies, we arrived safely at the Homewood.  The car was where DH had left it.  We decided we were a bit hungry, and DH wanted to make sure the car started, so we went to Panera Bread.  Just what we needed.  Called friends and family from there to let them know we were back in the ol’ US of A.  We were both in bed by 9:30 and fell fast asleep.

Getting Home

We woke up at 5:30 am, got showered and packed up.  Breakfast was in the Homewood Suites – missed my fabulous breakfast buffets.  We hit Sam’s Club about 9:00 when it opened to stock up on provisions.   We also stopped by our local post office to retrieve the mail – it’s going to take more than a few days to go through these boxes full of magazines, ads, and envelopes!

We got home to find out the water didn’t work!  Busted well pump.  Worse, we need a new well.  Let’s go back to China and check into the Ritz!  It may be cheaper!